Made it to another post for this week.  We live in such a backward ass country.   I”m starting to wonder where we are heading as a nation.  I just can’t make sense of how this place functions.  I truly want to see people wake up from this fantasy and realize that things have to change.  Change for the better.  Change that helps everyone.  There are so many issues going on in America and the world that I have to step back and just observe.  Observe what is happening…Observe where we went wrong….Observe how we can get to a better place….

I have my personal opinions along with everyone else of how we need change and should change.  Now is a time for action. Time for moving forward.   Time to stop talking and time to start doing.  This is the only way.  More than 50 years ago we fought for rights with a small amount of people to rally the rest.  Now we we have more than enough to stir not only the masses but the ones who feel they are in charge.  In a sense the minority is the majority..and once we all realize it there will be no stopping us… MOVING FORWARD TODAY


It has been a while since my last post and I apologize for that.  This blogging is a hard job to do and keep up with consistently.  I commend those that I follow and don’t follow that make that commitment to keep their name constantly in that loop.  I’ve been listening and learning to soak up that information that only comes from experience.  Not everything can be learn from a book!  But I have done some soul searching and figuring out where this thing we call life is leading me.  It’s a never ending process but at some point you have to make a commitment towards what you want to accomplish in the end.  BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND!  I have heard this a lot lately from a variety of people with very different backgrounds. So it must be something to it.  I’m focusing on where I want to be in the future and working towards that path.  I have made that commitment to myself.  I know where I want to be now I have to do the hard work to achieve it.  I have plan my small achievements to build towards that big reward in the end.  With all that said, the time is now to move forward..  today…