Made it to another post for this week.  We live in such a backward ass country.   I”m starting to wonder where we are heading as a nation.  I just can’t make sense of how this place functions.  I truly want to see people wake up from this fantasy and realize that things have to change.  Change for the better.  Change that helps everyone.  There are so many issues going on in America and the world that I have to step back and just observe.  Observe what is happening…Observe where we went wrong….Observe how we can get to a better place….

I have my personal opinions along with everyone else of how we need change and should change.  Now is a time for action. Time for moving forward.   Time to stop talking and time to start doing.  This is the only way.  More than 50 years ago we fought for rights with a small amount of people to rally the rest.  Now we we have more than enough to stir not only the masses but the ones who feel they are in charge.  In a sense the minority is the majority..and once we all realize it there will be no stopping us… MOVING FORWARD TODAY

On My Mind Pt 3….

In this day and age relationships are something to be valued….
We want that perfect person to have that perfect relationship to lead to the perfect life. …
Hate to break it to you but one will never find that….
A real relationship has to be built from the bottom to the top….
That person you believe to be perfect has their faults…..
And your perfect relationship may have a small or big rocks to get over…
That perfect life as we all know comes with obstacles to overcome….
You have to take the good along with the bad….
Love someone when they are at their best and worst….
Take the time to build each other up….
Solid relationships are built upon trust…..
Trust in that you will always have my back regardless…..
Solid relationships are built upon commitment….
Commitment to the preservation of us….
Solid relationships are built upon love…..
Your perfect person, relationship, and life is something that those involved have to work at and fight for…
It doesn’t come in a day, month, or even a year….
It comes over time …..
You just have to be willing to make that commitment. ..

One My Mind….Pt. 2

Those who chose to ignore the bigger picture may be missing vital information that may affect their smaller circle…..
I wonder when they will awake up….
The world is coming upon a change….
Ebola rising up in places we thought were safe from it….
Police states where putting your hands up still gets you one to the dome….
Lies upon lies from those in charge….
I wonder how much more will it take for people to come to terms with the reality of the real world. ….
The illusions that are fed to the public leads to fear….
Fear leads to panic….

On My Mind….

There is so much going on in today’s society. …

Sometimes I wonder what planet I’m on……

Trying to make it day to day feels like a task….

Just to survive to the next day is almost a hidden blessing….

Sometimes I wonder what is going on people’s heads…..

How do they see the world….

Do they stay in the small circle never to see the bigger picture….

Professor, rapper and militant Vera Veronika: Down for the cause in Hip Hop as well as in academia | Black Women of Brazil




Panhandler in San Francisco, California, USA. ...

Panhandler in San Francisco, California, USA. February, 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I wanted to share this article I read from Los Angeles WAVE (THE LARGEST BLACK NEWSPAPER IN THE WEST).  It touched on many subjects in one article that I take interest in such as a senseless death of  a young Afro-Latina by a recently released parolee who was panhandling, dealing with people begging for handouts and the danger, how people have become so matter of fact about certain things in society, no one stepping up to handle that actually problems that are in your face and willing to turn a blind eye, parolees being released early, how people can start to make something the norm…great article and please share with everyone…..we have to take justice back and stop depending on others when it starts with self…








Christine Calderon’s Stabbing Death Says Much About Our Current Society




By ANTHONY ASADULLAH SAMAD, Ph. D., is a national columnist and author of “REAL EYEZ: Race, Reality and Politics in 21 Century Popular Culture.”  He can be reached at and on Twitter at @DrAnthonySamad 






One of the most outrageous and egregious events ever occurred in Hollywood last week.  It  was troubling because it was a sign of society’s break-down in both the law and policy.




Christine Calderon, a 23-year-old Afro-Latina, walking the tourist strip in Hollywood, had her life taken because she took a photo of a sign being held by a panhandler and refused his demand to give him a dollar. A dollar.




Christine Calderon lost her life for one dollar. That is only where the outrage begins.




At one of the city’s busiest tourist attractions, Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street to Hollywood and Highland Avenue, where people-watching is the attraction, a recently released prisoner of the state’s prison realignment program was able to blend into the oddities of a tourist space.  Then he was able to hold up a sign that said, “[Bleep] You, Give Me A Dollar Please.”


English: The Hollywood & Highland Center locat...

English: The Hollywood & Highland Center located on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Now thing about that.  This is not about free speech because every state and city has permitted restrictions to free speech and obscenity is not protected by free speech.  Let me put it to you this way.  Would someone be able to hold up such a sign outside of, say, Disneyland?  The answer is hell, no!




More troubling is that we witnessed a convergence of cultural issues that nobody seems to want to talk about.  We have become an irreverent society.  Irreverence is a staple of a society in rebellion.  It’s expressed in our language and in our cultural expression.




The fact that Calderon’s alleged killer could post up on the corner of Hollywood and Vine with such an irreverent sign is an active demonstration of our cultural irreverence by the simple fact that his presence was simply viewed as part of the character of the tourist attraction.  He was part of the scenery.




People walked past him without a second thought.  Some looked and kept going.  I saw him on the  Saturday before Calderon’s death on my way to the jazz festival at the Hollywood Bowl.




I said, “That’s the devil, right there” and kept going.  Others stopped and took a picture.




That’s the whole reason he was there, to be seen.  Some tipped, some didn’t.  This is where the clash comes in.  We are now an “Instagram” society.  We take pictures of everything and tweet’em, post’em, share them without regard for permission or commission.  We  believe we own what we see.




Calderon believed she was taking a photo of the cultural tourist scenery.  Her alleged killer thought he was entitled to charge for being part of the scenery.  It was a classic culture clash.




It is most troubling because literally nobody noticed.  Beyond a few mentions on the evening news, nobody has demanded any justice, questioned the motives, called into question why the circumstances existed or even called for assistance for the family.




No Black press ran the story.  No press conferences were called to demand accountability of government.  No candlelight vigil to pray for justice.  Not a single word from any of the so-called civil rights groups, who tend to call out the obvious anyway, on the civil liberty and civil rights violations of the event.  Not a peep.  No politicians (except one) called for any investigation.




More disturbing than the killing of Calderon, is the continued perpetuation of fake advocacy that misses the issues that impact our communities the most and waits for a bell to ring or a camera to show up before they speak.  It is this kind of absence of sophistication in the advocacy– driven by anti-intellectualism, of course–that robs us of legitimate awareness in exchange for faux notoriety.




Waiting for “monkey see, monkey do,” we are also robbed of our outrage, waiting for people asleep at the switch to give us the signal.  Our community missed the bell on this.  Why?  The so-called activists slept through it.  The Calderon stabbing proves it.




How can you not be outraged by this tragedy and circumstances that surround it?




L.A. Police Chief Charlie Beck responded with more suppression in the area but the politic here is not just about policing.  It is about flawed policy smacking us in the face.




The county Board of Supervisors (thank you Supervisors Mark Ridley-Thomas and Zev Yaroslavsky) have called for an investigation as to how Dustin James Kinnear was released early and what county mechanisms supervised that release.




The state released another 9,000 this month to meet the court ordered mandate of reducing the state’s prison population by June 1913.  This is the opening of Pandora’s box, as the complexities of how parolees find work and merge civilly into the society become real.  In the meantime, how does the city and county address the obscenity and panhandling issues that have become more pervasive in our increasingly irreverent society?




We can’t let Christine Calderon die for a dollar and say nothing about the circumstances that brought about her death.  The absence of advocacy will not equate to an absence of outrage.




I’m deeply disturbed by this and will not feed into ignorant silence.  In the cause of cultural irreverence to stop obscene signage and panhandler aggression, take a picture of this my middle finger.





Fear is an Illusion


The only thing that stops us is fear once u conquer the fear what’s stopping u truly….nothing. Fear is the easiest way to keep people in control. There’s nothing to fear but fear itself. Now I have heard this saying since I was a child not really putting no thought to it. But as I have grown I truly come to understand what this saying really means. U fear failing, not making it, looking dumb, being talked about, etc. U can end that sentence any way u like but the word fear will never change until u remove it from your mind. Once removed I will almost guarantee you will see your reality in a different light. Fear is just an illusion.



very interesting post regarding women bringing in more money than their counterparts, namely men. Fox News contributor Erick Erickson says “When you look at biology — when you look at the natural world — the roles of a male and a female in society and in other animals, the male typically is the dominant role. Having Mom as primary breadwinner is bad for kids and bad for marriage.” i am in total disagreement with his statement and anyone else who feels the same way. what does it matter if the woman makes more than the man. the man in question has a real self confidence problem. even in same sex relationships, the person who is not making the most money in my opinion has a problem with themselves. if making more money is a issue with you then maybe u should make more or find someone who makes less than u.