“It seems I am running out of words these days. I feel as if I am on a linguistic treadmill that has gradually but unmistakably increased its speed, so that no word I use to positively describe myself or my scholarly projects lasts for more that five seconds. I can no longer justify my presence in academia, for example, with words that exist in the English language. The moment I find some symbol of my presence in the rarefied halls of elite institutions, it gets stolen, co-opted, filled with negative meaning.”

~ Patricia Williams 1995

I came across this quote today as I was reading my book, Black Feminist Thought by Patricia Hill Collins.  This best describes how I feel. I’m stuck at the fork in the road, this road is called Life Road(LOL). I’m trying to figure which path will be best for me but its hard to choose because I don’t know what lies down each path.  I tried following the path that people said is best for you but you know what I realize I hated that path.  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with where I ended up at following the safe path. This just isn’t me. I look back at all the choices I had made in my young 34 yrs and see that I played it safe because of that path of what is best for you. Now I can think of all the things I could have done or been if I just went with my first mind.

Now that I am older and a little more experienced with life I have come to see how blindly I was living. Now that I can see  clearly I can make better choices for myself. The country is quick to sell you a dream or more like a nightmare. Now I know that the right path for me is the one that I will be making which will lead to a better me, a happier me.


“Fear is the most pervasive spiritual disease known to humanity. Fear has permeated the very essence of people’s minds, bodies, and souls, keeping their “true” selves locked into a prison reality. Manipulation by the media, and all of the ambassadors connected to the media machine have been, and continue to be the greatest hijacking thief of the human spirit. Through media replication of tragic events, and the ritualization of negative cultural events, humanity is constantly locked into a perpetual state of fear by the hegemony, on a collective/individual level. As a result, the heart closes down to the possibility of positivity,and the negative becomes the norm due to the psychopathic ideology that has been implanted to replace the essence of the true human spirit. Fear disembowels the flesh from tapping into original technology, such as creative intelligence left by our ancestors. By nature, we are nature, and nature is us, we can never escape that simple and complex truth. Nature is the highest form of creative intelligence on planet Earth, and with consciousness added to that beauty, we are more magnificent than we could ever imagine. Strategically, fear has been falsely merged with nature, becoming a normalized form of reality in the minds, and hearts of people. Fear had been the church, the counselor, and the wet nurse to the sleeping giants. HOWEVER, individuals have forgotten that we as a collective, and as individuals have a choice. When examining fear within the collective and ourselves we have to be honest in the face of our addictions. We did not get here alone; we helped to perpetuate the lie. Now, it’s our job to change, evolve, and graduate to a higher level of understanding of whom and what we really are as human beings. The spiritual tools of understanding do, and have existed; one just had to open their eyes to what the truth really is. When you know better, you do better, not only for yourself but also for the legacy that you will leave behind on planet Earth when you’re name has fallen into the ethers of eternity.”

By Dia Nunez .. Founder and host of “The H20 Network

I read this quote and it really stuck in my mind. With everything human beings try to learn they truly don’t know themselves.  I come to realize that I need to know me and my full potential before I can come to terms with anything else.  Ancient civilization was so much more advance than we seem to give them credit for. Personally I feel human beings today evolved and become dumber in a sense. I only say this because they advanced farther then we without a lot high technology helping them along.  We today can’t even reproduce some of the things they came up with and realized. We are truly selling ourselves short. Their limitations shouldn’t hold us back and we can reach our full potential.  The choice is yours to make. We make our own destiny its just our choice to think outside their box.

Fear is the mos…