Nobody on Hillary Clinton’s staff read her ‘personal’ emails before they deleted them

This what I’m talking about. How can you get away with something like this or make some excuse that is valid only to the “guilty” one? I guess. How can everyone forget about that one loophole that no one knew. It wouldn’t be such news if it wasn’t suspect in the first place.

America's Watchtower

hillary66 Hillary Clinton admitted that roughly 30,000 of the emails she sent from her personal email server while performing State Department business were deleted because they were personal in nature and were unrelated to official business. I do not doubt that this is the case in some circumstances; it would be hard to believe that she did not use this server for personal reasons and I think even the biggest Clinton hater would have to admit this. 

  We just have to trust her when she says no official government emails were deleted and that is where I have a problem, especially with the new revelation that nobody actually read the so-called personal emails before they were deleted.

  Here is more:

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