Stop The Madness

Sunleo PA > R.I.P Amanda Todd
This sickens My heart that ignorant people can push anyone to want/actually take their own life. Some people in this world r so close-minded that never see anything else cuz the tunnel won’t allow them to see out beyond their own darkness and rain on someone else’s sunshine. People we r all unique not in just one way but in every way possible. Love who u r and remember that NO ONE can make or break u. We r all UNIQUE because there is no one in this world/planet like U. Only u can be your worst critic. EVERY ONE else should EMBRACE, RESPECT, LOVE & especially ENCOURAGE your INDIVIDUALITY…not judge as is their shit don’t stink. Much love to Amanda(RIP), her family, and especially her TRUE friends. To be one world or planet we still need to work on being human beings……………..”WE MUST NOT ALLOW OTHER PEOPLE’S LIMITED PERCEPTION TO DEFINE US”~ Virginia Satir ONE LOVE..