My very 1st Post

You know I put so much thought & effort into what my very first post was going to be about that I’ve damn near wrote my very first book. I had to push down on those brakes in my brain and slow down. I wanted to talk about everything under the sun(politics,religion,ancient aliens, and….). Then that crazy feeling called “self-doubt” crept into my head. “Who cares about what I have to say about anything?” I start reading other blogs, you know just to see how this blogging thing goes. I have to say that almost made me want to delete my site because everything I want to talk about have been said. Also, these people seem to be really organized and posting stuff everyday. But the Leo in me refused to give up. This why I am up on 11_24_11 @ 135AM posting this. I might as well just do the damn thing and get these thughts out right now. I’m in the process of reading up on a lot things such as my time wasted in America’s education system(their lies they taught), government/politics(taking my hard earn $$ but now they’re broke), and religion. These are just a few topics I’m working on. I’ll also post some random things too. Believe me, I’m always thinking or reading about something. My wifey is hating this…my undivided attention for her has been invaded! She tells me “I have to twit you or post a blog to get some attention!?” So I guess that’s it for right now. I welcome everyone’s feedback on anything that I post and suggests that you my have.

Posted by SUNLEO0778 at 1:59 AM